MENU Photographs 2015-19

Since 2003, when we started writing our weekly MENU, it has always been headed by a photograph. Here is a selection of the photographs we have used, with last week's at the top

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All these images are ©John Ford, Adamastor & Bacchus, and may not be used without permission, accreditation and payment

Walker Bay sunset - DSC_4001741

A gull and a winter sea - DSC_5111445.jpg

Misty Ships - DSCN906207.jpg

Early morning mist in the Bonnievale valley, near Robertson - DSC_5617736.jpg

A damp day at Waterford wine estate, Stellenbosch - DSC_5332214.jpg

Watching the winter waves, between Clifton and Camps Bay - DSC_5344296.jpg

An African olive pigeon or Rameron pigeon (Columba arquatrix) drinking at a fountain in Johannesburg - DSC_5616285.jpg

Sheep on an Overberg farm contemplate the photographer - DSC_5352601.jpg

The Palmiet River as it passes Shannon farm in Elgin - DSC_5615374.jpg

A fiery April sunset, Sea Point, Cape Town - DSC_5615041.jpg

An autumn evening view from Meerendal’s original Pinotage vineyard, over Durbanville to the mountains - DSC_5614723.jpg

A kelp gull flies over a fynbos covered coastal hillside - DSC_4019074.jpg

The Babilonstoren Mountain appearing through the clearing mist as a pair of herons flies up the Hemel en Aarde valley - DSC_5614214.jpg

Fishing on the rocks near Gansbaai, Western Cape - DSC_4002863.jpg

Looking for a brighter future? Two young men looking out toward the Atlantic Ocean - DSC_5613792.jpg

A rainbow over Cape Town – is that the Pot of Gold? - DSCN905063.jpg

A pied crow flies on a misty Stellenbosch day - DSC_5332236.jpg

The full moon rises at sunset, Camps Bay - DSC_5328945.jpg

A Clifton sunset - DSC_5612381a.jpg

The view from the top of the Piekenierskloof Pass - DSC_5612201.jpg

The most elegant of birds. A pair of blue cranes (Anthropoides paradiseus) at the edge of a vineyard in Elgin - DSC_5124962.jpg

Fire on Signal Hill, above our house. 10.04pm, Sunday, 27th January 2019 - DSC_5401656.jpg

The classic view of Table Mountain across Table Bay from Blaauwberg on a perfect Summer day - DSCN904259

Elegance in the air. A Cape Gannet, photographed at Bird Island in Lambert's Bay - DSC_5400972

Lynne wanted a Christmassy photo. This one is from ten years ago. The wonder of Christmas reflected in a little girl’s face: Izzy (Isabella) Sutton at Kirstenbosch Carols. We are very grateful to her parents, Tony & Julie, for allowing us to show you this photograph - DSC4101222

Wasn't that fun? Penguins emerging from the sea at Boulders Beach, Simonstown - DSC_5400660

The road through the wheat fields, near Bredasdorp, Southern Cape - DSC_5610187

A flight of blue cranes, near Bredasdorp, Southern Cape - DSC_5610241

A walk in the country - DSC_5607668

Kids at the seaside, drying off on the hot ground. Nothing changes; just what we did when we were this age - DSC_5608706

Weltevrede vineyards and the Breede River as it flows through Bonnievale - DSC_4002821

A wheat field near Philadelphia, Swartland, Western Cape - DSC_5607674

Evening in the Devon Valley, Stellenbosch. From the terrace at Landtscap - DSC_5607544

A sign of spring. Pincushion proteas (leucospermum) - DSC_4027554

Spiral. Looking up the 6 storey spiral staircase at the Zeitz MOCAA, like a huge mechanical eye - DSCN902459

Trees and a meadow silhouetted against mountains and a cloudy sky. Idiom Wine estate, Somerset West DSC_5606493

Winter beach walks - DSC_4026974 

Watching the winter waves - DSC_5344274

Wheat cover crop in Simonsig vineyards. Table Mountain at sunset - DSC_5605151

A male pin-tailed whydah (Vidua macroura) in non-breeding plumage, Hemel en Aarde Valley, Western Cape - DSC_5604576

Blood Moon. Lunar eclipse, Sea Point, Cape Town 21h27 27th July 2018 - DSC_5602619

Sea Point Sunset - DSC_5602270

Across Table Bay from Lagoon Beach. Waterfront, Stadium and Green Point with a trawler - DSC_5601990

South African rosemary, South African bee - DSC_5601697

Hovering kelp gull - DSC_5329553

Lion's Head sunset glow - DSCN900069

Beached boats at a boatyard on the north bank of the Douro, Porto - DSC_5361434

Dreaming the Impossible Dream. Don Quixote and Sancho Panza. Part of the Cervantes memorial in Madrid. Revisited after 47 years - DSC_4032650

One of the joys of living by the sea is watching the gulls, such magnificent aviators - DSC_5361405

View of the distant Stellenboschkloof vineyards from the Jardine restaurant terrace, through the raindrops - DSC_5605198

A gull flying down the Douro, Porto - DSC_5361401a

A beautiful malachite sunbird supping nectar from the proteas on the terrace at the Jordan wine estate tasting room - DSCN901962

A seagull flying past the Port houses alongside the Douro River in Porto - DSC_5361403

This cock sparrow (Passer domesticus) and his hen have been trying to get at a fruit bowl on our window sill and have been a deep fascination for the predatory instinct of our cat, Rory. We are not unsure that they are having fun baiting him - DSC_5601880

Bridges and boats on the Douro, Porto - DSC_5361396 

A seagull flying past the Port houses alongside the Douro River in Porto - DSC_5361399

Victorian era houses in Porto - DSC_5361282

A lovely courtyard lined with flower pots at the Sandeman wine cellar in Jerez de la Frontera, Spain - DSC_4031935

The floor was a whirl of colour, swirling flounces and pretty ladies, with a few boys joining in, very few men - DSC_4031508

A tourist boat on the Douro at Porto - DSC_5361417

A traditional port boat at the Sandeman cellar. Porto. These boats carry the barrels (pipes) of port from the quintas up the river to the trading venues in Porto - DSC_5361393

                              Don Quixote and Sancho Panza statue in the Cervantes Monument, Plaza de España in Madrid                                       Scanned from a Kodachrome slide, photographed by John in 1971 - with an iconic Nikon F, not the camera in the picture                                                        Perhaps significant as we prepare to embark on an Iberian Odyssey                                                Slide 1500

Beach Road, Sea Point. Sunset with some blessed rain - DSC_5361064

The freedom of flight – Kelp gulls off Strandfontein - DSC_5301518

Sunset from our deck, late evening - IMG_20180320_15

The back of Table Mountain and Devil's Peak, seen from the National Botanical Garden, Kirstenbosch - DSC_5358740

From our deck, late evening - DSC_5106870

Mating dragonflies in a pond at Nitida wine estate, Durbanville - DSC_5357429

Sunset picnic on the rocks, Clifton - DSC_5358491

Clouds forming over the mountains in the Winelands - DSC_4020159

The water lilies in our fish pond are thriving, fed by the fertiliser provided by the fish - DSC_5356777

One of the joys of summer. Sitting under a Stellenbosch oak, tasting wonderful wines - DSC_5357596

Sea Point sunset with boats - DSC_5301276

A bee harvesting pollen from a water lily in our pond - DSC_5356808

Fishing on the beach near Velddrif - DSC_5357070

A peacock on the roof, La Residence, Franschhoek - DSC_5355713

A fire boat practising in Table Bay – cool water for a hot summer - DSC_5356203

Blue waterlilies in our pond - DSC_4001484 

Blue cranes at Benguela Cove estate, Overberg - DSC_5332691

Beach huts, Muizenberg - DSC_5350409

An owl in a Buitenverwachting oak - DSC_5115467

Fishing from the breakwater, Kalk Bay - DSC_4028177

A yellow-billed duck takes off from a pond - DSC_5351632

Wheat fields, clouds and hills in the Overberg - DSC_5352970

A southern red bishop (Euplectes orix) in a bamboo thicket, Wildekrans Estate, Bot River, Western Cape - DSC_5352604

Wheat fields near Caledon, Western Cape - DSC_5351873

The view over Creation wine estate in the Hemel en Aarde Valley from the deck at Ataraxia's Greek chapel tasting room - DSC_5351826

Cymbidiums or boat orchids at the Duckitt orchid nursery near Darling - DSC_5351114

Two of Nitida’s Yellow-billed ducks (Anas undulata) enjoying a spring day on the pond - DSC_5350075

Bud break signals the end of winter in the vineyards in front of Buitenverwachting’s 18th Century Cape Dutch manor house in Constantia - DSC_5350405

Rain comes to a vineyard in Rawsonville - DSC_5349976

A sure sign of spring. Two squirrels romping in an oak tree at Delaire Graff - DSC_5349548

The play continued and a new litter can be expected in a few weeks

A prehistoric beast or a reincarnation of Spielberg's ET? - One of the giant tortoises in The Vineyard Hotel's gardens - DSC_5348793

Antarctic exploration ship SA Agulhas 2 in the V&A Waterfront - DSC_5112307

Winter rain brings green to the landscape - DSC_5147193.jpg

Moorhens in their mating rituals, Hemel en Aarde Valley - DSC_5347686

A tanker on a "wine dark sea" (quote from Homer) with clouds on the horizon which we hope will bring more blessed rain - DSC_5347179

The sky on fire - a Sea Point sunset - DSC_5346971

Green lawns, white roses, winter vineyards and Stellenbosch mountains. An evening view from Asara Wine Estate & Hotel - Asara uses grey water on the gardens DSC_5346848

Looking across the Øresund strait past Kronborg Castle in Helsingør, Denmark, to Helsingborg in Sweden - DSC_5345684

Poppies and Dutch windmills, ancient and modern, North Holland DSC_5345120

Autumn colours in the avenue leading to the manor house at Morgenster DSC_5344655

Winter waves, Sea Point DSC_5344332

The Palmiet River at Shannon Vineyards, Elgin DSC_5344036

A Sea Point autumn sunset - DSC_5143114

Common waxbills (Estrilda astrild) photographed from the verandah at David van Niekerk’s High Constantia winery - DSC_4028140

Tall, straight trees. Reaching to the sky. Paul Cluver Estate,Elgin

A lotus flower and seed pods, De Morgenzon wine estate, Stellenboschkloof

A Southern Double-collared Sunbird on a pink hibiscus flower, Van Loveren winery, Robertson - DSC_5341837

A blue dragonfly on a dead leaf in our koi pond DSC_5340282

The classic view of Table Mountain, across Table Bay from Blaauwberg DSC_5340700

A honey bee harvesting from a pickerel weed flower in our pond (Pontederia cordata; jongsnoekkruid) DSC_5340487

Tourists enjoying a boat ride on Hout Bay DSC_5340127

A bee collecting nectar from a lavender flower. Hillcrest Estate, Durbanville DSC_5339768b

A flight of Black oystercatchers (Haematopus moquini) at Yzerfontein on the West Coast - DSC_5339554

This magnificent peacock was strutting his stuff at Shannon wine estate in Elgin - DSC_5338816

A Cape white-eye (Zosterops virens) in a white strelitzia in our garden - DSC_5338646

Summer in the Swartland DSC_5337423

Summer is flirting with us at the moment, we have warm days then it is chilly and a little cloudy. Drought is with us again and severe water restrictions in the Cape came into effect on the 1st of November, so we just wish it would rain DSC_5301506

Wine farm workers fishing from a weir. Breede River, Robertson

Summer coming in – a Southern Double-collared sunbird hen and wilde dagga

A bee harvests the delights of an orange blossom DSC_5334562

Wagon ride to the Rhône manor house on Boschendal DSC_5334370

Winter has gone. Families playing at the water’s edge, Three Anchor Bay

A tanker in one of the wonderful sunsets we see in winter - DSC_5329291
A kelp gull in a Sea Point winter storm - DSC_5329552

The sun sets on Ha Long Bay, Vietnam - DSC_5327879

A Western Cape winter sunset DSC_5143119

A magnificent kudu bull at Thali Thali near Langebaan on the Cape West Coast DSC_5325413

Trees silhouetted against the Helderberg DSC_5324798

Cormorants, seemingly unconscious of the crashing winter waves DSC_4014991

God in his wisdom made the fly and then forgot to tell us why (Ogden Nash)

This little hovering fly was about 3mm from wingtip to wingtip DSC_5323321

A gull flies into the sunset, taking the last of summer - DSC_5161875

A blue headed agama lizard (bloukop koggelmander) basking in the sun DSC_5323140

Heavy clouds off Sea Point bringing us very welcome rain - Change is in the air! DSC_5322535

The Stellenbosch Kloof from the deck at Jordan DSC_5322397

A flurry of Antarctic terns - DSC_5321630

Sailing in the sunset on a calm Table Bay - DSC_5320215

Hartlaub’s gulls on a roof In Hout Bay harbour DSC_4030768

This magnificent visitor to our southern countryside, a sable antelope bull with his young companions, in a Boschendal field DSC_4029884

A fresh South-easter and a spring tide on Camps Bay beach DSC4029586

 Refreshment and shelter from the heat at Oak Valley’s Pool Room DSC4029291

 The next four photographs, "Hadeda Love", show Interest, Affection, Action and Conclusion. 

Two noisy hadeda ibis on our neighbour's roof 

A hot landscape in the Nuy Valley DSC_5319076

 Three banded plover, Paternoster - DSC_5319725

A baby owl at Steenberg - DSC_5319199

Summer is here DSC_4026896

Night view across the mouth of Cape Town harbour DSC_5317587a

Grace in flight - a grey heron comes in to land - DSC_5316075

Malachite kingfisher (Alcedo cristata) - DSC_5315864

A family of meerkats in the Karoo near Oudtshoorn DSC_5316281

The view across False Bay from Strandfontein DSC_5311827

The sun sets over the dam. Robert Stanford Estate, Stanford - DSC_5313455

A carpet of Spring flowers at Postberg, West Coast National Park DSC_5311635

Spring is in the air and the dragonflies emerge DSC_5106998

A misty spring day near Stellenbosch DSC_5311320

Evening rush hour on a rainy N1, returning to Cape Town 

A wintry sunset over Camps Bay beach - DSC_5143119

A break in the storm. Looking across Wellington to the surrounding mountains DSC_5309359

A squirrel surveys his territory from an old oak on Laborie in Paarl DSC_5309170

A stormy winter Sea Point sea DSC_5111453a

A last look at ancient Greece. A temple being restored in Corinth DSC_5306939

Blue hills of a late afternoon in Mycenae. A sort of Trompe de l’oeil, certainly an optical illusion - DSC_5306711

Trees on the shore of the Gulf of Corinth DSC_5306555

The Temple of Nemean Zeus at Corinth DSC_5306927

An elegant Three-master on a rainy Naxos night

A classic Greek Island church on Ios DSC_5305213

A hooded crow takes a bath at Topkapı Palace, Istanbul - DSC_5304903

These two young Turkish lasses asked John to take their photograph with their phone in the Blue Mosque, Istanbul. He also used his camera

The Cisterns in Istanbul, built by Emperor Justinian, 527-565 AD. A magnificent domed roof and a selection of different columns to support it, with the water for the city below

Autumn vines, apples and olives at Hannay, Elgin DSC_5303567

A flight of Quelea at Elandsberg Reserve - DSC_5302397

Bartholomeus Klip has a breeding herd of disease free Cape buffalo DSC_5302383

The end of summer on the beach as gulls tell us the weather is about to change - DSC_5301517

A Common tern at sunset - DSC_5161886

A Clifton evening. Looking toward Oudekraal and Llandudno - DSC_5161858

A black backed gull in the evening light - DSC_5161848

Clifton sunset - DSC_5161859

Vineyards and Mountains in the Helderberg Valley DSC_5160637

Redwing Starlings Take Off and Landing... - DSC_5160228a

Hout Bay harbour DSC_5101278

Evening on Milnerton lagoon - DSC_5124533

Strolling home in the fog - DSC_5301391

The sunset at Babylon’s Peak, seen from Creation in the Hemel en Aarde Valley - DSC_5158567

Sunbird's agapanthus breakfast - DSC_5157761

Early morning shadows on a road between the vines at Laborie in Paarl DSC_5157741

Green summer vines below the mountains in the Slanghoek Valley DSC_5153983

Juvenile kelp gull taking off - DSC_5162043

Developing olives at Baleia Bay

Cape Sugarbird (Promerops cafer), Constantia Glen - DSC_4025310

A gemsbok (Oryx gazella) at Groote Post, Darling Hills DSC_4025360

Evening light on Bains’ Kloof behind Nabygelegen - DSC_4001272.jpg

A Sea Point sunset - DSC_4026647

Britannia Bay’s cormorant Fleet Air Arm squadron coming in to land - DSC_4027125

A Cape weaver contemplates an evening plunge - DSC_4026135

Waterlilies in Elgin morning light

A seagull flying to a winter sea - DSC_5111459

Sea Point Beachfront, 6pm, 21st May 2014 - DSC_5139736

Milnerton sunset with tanker - DSC_5124526

Cormorants flying home ahead of a cold front - DSC_4021538

A winter storm approaching Franschhoek DSC_5141257

A misty rainbow behind De Ou Pastorie between Oudtshoorn and Calitzdorp DSC_5142039

A sunbird enjoying a wilde dagga sundowner near the Heads, Knysna - DSC_5142439

A couple on Camps Bay beach watches the sunset and a choppy winter sea - DSC_5143123

A white-fronted sandplover (Charadrius marginatus) running from the surf on The Wilderness beach - DSC_5143892

A lonely yacht on the calm but sparkling Knysna lagoon DSC_5142418

The Sea Point beachfront with a gathering storm and a “hat” on Lion’s Head – a sure sign of turbulent weather DSC_5143249

A grey heron by the dams at l’Avenir -  so still for so long that he could have been a statue - DSC_5144801

A yacht going home in a winter sunset - DSC_5109741

A pelican glides past cattle drinking at a Durbanville dam DSC_5145391

The view from Delaire Graff to Thelema on a wet late winter day DSC_5147194

The freedom of the skies - DSC_5134167

A bee harvesting on a dandelion flower DSC_5146923

The old prison boat Susan Kruger ferrying visitors to Robben Island DSC_5148183

Sunrise on Walker Bay, Hermanus - DSC_5148416

Spring brings the dragonflies back to our pond DSC_5105246

L’Avenir’s resident grey heron surveys his domain - DSC_5149743

Table Mountain, 55Km as the crow flies from the top of Kanonkop hill on Vondeling, Voor Paardeberg DSC_5150171

An olive thrush in Mariana’s garden, contemplating which of a feast of mulberries he should choose next - DSC_5151163

Two friendly mules at Excelsior Estate, Robertson DSC_5152332

A red bishop surveys the young vines in a vineyard - DSC_5152256

South Africa's national floral emblem, the King Protea, protea cynaroides

A dramatic Sea Point sunset - DSC_5161900

The vineyards at La Residence, in the shadow of the Franschhoek mountains DSC_5154993

New vine tendrils reach for the sky

Log cabins by the dam at the Slanghoek Mountain Resort DSC_5138131

Oil rig at Sunset; Sea Point - DSC_5307560

Vineyards at Longridge, on the slopes of the Helderberg DSC_5160138

Rory joined us, January 2015 DSC_5158254

Laborie vineyards, Paarl 

Slanghoek landscape with summer vineyards DSC_5153977

Trimming the vines, Excelsior Estate, Robertson DSC_5152508

Three-banded sandplover (Charadrius tricollaris), Knysna - DSC_5142318

Autumn vineyards, Elgin 

Pine trees and vineyard, Ataraxia, Hemel en Aarde Valley 

A Cape White eye takes a bath and gives a Cape Canary a shower. Photographed in the courtyard at Marc’s Restaurant in Paarl - DSC_4023595

Pincushion Protea, Leucospermum

A blue dragonfly takes a moment's rest DSC_5106905

Evening on the Sea Point beachfront - DSC_4022301

Cormorants - home time - DSC_4021551

A paraglider descending to Clifton with Table Mountain behind him

Late evening over the Twelve Apostles as a South Easter gathers force - DSC_4021558

A tranquil Hemel en Aarde evening - DSC_4021197

Table Mountain and its tablecloth from Blouberg beach DSC_5138570

Bantry Bay DSC_5138528

Slanghoek Mountain Resort, The dam and the valley after sunset - DSC_5138098

A Cape Wagtail (Motacilla capensis) with a juicy snack - DSC_5137508

Cape Grassbird or Cape Grass Warbler (Sphenoeacus afer) near Walker Bay Reserve - DSC_5137468

An orange-breasted sunbird hen - DSC_5134369

An orange-breasted sunbird hen (Anthobaphes violacea) DSC_5134409.jpg

An orange-breasted sunbird hen enjoying a refreshing nectar meal (Anthobaphes violacea) - DSC_5134380

Late evening at Weltevrede in the Bonnievale valley - DSC_5112940

Milnerton lagoon with children, evening - DSC_5124532

A Cape Town evening: The 92 year old Russian four master Sedov leaves Table Bay, while a gentleman paddles by on his surf ski DSC_5124439

A weaver couple inspecting the new nest he has just built - "I told you I wanted a second bathroom!" - DSC_5114678.jpg

The Lanzerac manor house under a winter sky

Two Aloe Ferox (Bergaalwyn or Bitteraalwyn) and Agave (Garingboom) in flower on the rocks at Clifton

Ducks controlling snails in the vineyards, Avondale, Paarl DSC_5113588

Spring flowers at Groote Post, Darling DSC_5112686

Evening in Cape Town harbour, from the deck of SA Agulhas 2 DSC_5112181

Still life in Peter & Yvonne Bayly's kitchen, Calitzdorp

Mount Currie, Kokstad, KZN DSC_5111804

A trawler battles a stormy winter sea, Sea Point DSC_5111473

Gulls playing with winter waves, Sea Point - DSC_5111460

Bees in a King Protea, Glenwood, Franschhoek DSC_5110918

Winter vineyards, Glenwood, Franschhoek DSC_5110863

An Egyptian goose flies home in a Franschhoek evening - DSC_5110775.jpg

Evening, V&A Waterfront, Cape Town DSC_5110608

Early spring, Simonsberg, Stellenbosch DSC_5110328

Winter vineyards, Muratie, Stellenbosch DSC_5110314

The lord of all he surveys, Rivierzicht, Robertson DSC_5110119

The Breede River in flood, Rivierzicht, Robertson DSC_5110081

Table Bay evening - DSC_5109346

"Pirate ship" Table Bay - DSC_5109350

Buitenverwachting avenue, Constantia 

Lions Head in winter 

A fire fighting Huey collecting water, Sea Point 

Surfing seagull, Hout Bay - DSC_5108167

Evening fishers, Old Harbour, Hermanus

A bug with long antennae, Hemel en Aarde DSC_5107830

Vergelegen manor house, Somerset West

Peahens, Vergelegen, Somerset West - DSC_5107230.jpg

A squirrel in The Company's Garden, Cape Town DSC_5107066

Delaire vineyards, Banhoek Valley, Stellenbosch DSC_5107015

Queen Mary 2, Cape Town harbour

Hemel en Aarde farm DSC_5106671

Young malachite sunbird on a white agapanthus, De Werf, Hemel en Aarde Valley - DSC_5106660

Vineyards at Jordan, Stellenbosch Kloof

Saronsberg, Tulbagh DSC_5106303

A chase of gulls in the V&A Waterfront - DSC_5101558

A grey heron contemplates breakfast, Port Alfred, Eastern Cape - DSC_5111980

A False Bay fishing boat brings home the catch DSC_4019053

A view from Delaire’s vineyards, down the Banhoek valley to the smoke of the Franschhoek fires DSC_5118245

Setting sun over Noordhoek Beach - DSC_4020309

The view across Pringle Bay towards Gordon’s Bay DSC_4020297

A pair of black oystercatchers, Pringle Bay - DSC_4020292

The Buitenverwachting owl - DSC_5105785.jpg

Two spoonbills, Durban Botanic Gardens - DSC_5102854.jpg

Buitenverwachting, Constantia DSC_5108883

Hartlaub's Gull, V&A Waterfront - DSC_5101590

 View from De Werf, Hemel en Aarde Valley DSC_5106671

A red dragonfly on a blue water lily bud, Hemel en Aarde Valley DSC_5106620

Jordan vineyards and mountain view DSC_5106546

Southern Double-collared sunbird hen, Freshwoods, Elgin - DSC_5104720

Blue dragonfly DSC_5105245

Hartlaub's Gull, Sea Point - DSC_5101531

A bee collecting pollen from a Moonflower DSC_

Hout Bay beach DSC_4017801

Grey heron, Umgeni estuary, Durban - DSC_5102483 

Lesser double collared sunbird hen - DSC_4015021

The road from Delheim through Muratie, Stellenbosch DSC_4012728

Blue Cranes, Southern Cape  - DSC_4019012

A dragonfly laying her eggs in our pond DSC_4018877

A grey heron (Ardea cinerea) taking off from a tree, Durban Botanical garden - DSC_5102916

Grey mongoose pair, Betty's Bay DSC_417384

Paternoster beach in winter with trek fishers DSC_4019095

Southern double collared sunbird - DSC_4014323.jpg

Laborie manor house and Paarl Taalmonument DSC_5104079

Franschhoek trees and mountain DSC_5100243 

100514 Table Mountain in winter

Waterford wine cellar DSC_4018841

Yellowtail, False Bay Harbour DSC_4018298

Seagull - DSC_4000395

Fire on Signal Hill IMG_060126 3663

Yzerfontein winter sea - IMG_0508 2257.jpg

Early morning, Knysna heads - 2005 06 IMG_1880

Table Mountain from Durbanville - IMG_0503-0267

Table Mountain from the Malmesbury hills, evening - IMG_05082386

 Grey Heron, Durban Botanical garden - DSC_5102892