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Across Table Bay from Lagoon Beach - V&A Waterfront, Stadium and Green Point, with a trawler

Across Table Bay from Lagoon Beach - V&A Waterfront, Stadium and Green Point, with a trawler and one of the Cape's good winter storms coming in

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      After a small flurry of restaurants, our week shifted to wine tastings, all with different themes and characters and all with some really great wines. Next week, the scene will shift back to food and places at which to find it

      After another flurry, of rain, we are suddenly almost back to summer. The temperature today reached almost 28ºC – in the middle of winter – and we’ve had a few days of beautiful sunshine. But the pundits tell us to expect more rain next week, for which we are most grateful. But we are still not swimming. Average dam level in the Western Cape is at 43.2%, which looks good when we were at 28% this time last year, but bad when we see that the level was 98% at this time in 2014. Lynne’s late Sunday afternoon gin and tonic while enjoying a hot bath is still some way off

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      took place at Grand West Casino last weekend and we were invited by Jon Meinking to visit the show and taste 16 wines blind in his SA Wine Showcase Theatre. What a fun experience; we tasted so many good wines and some were really unusual. Good news for those of you in other cities, this show is travelling round the country and will be in Port Elizabeth 26th to 28th July and in Nelspruit on the 29th November to 1st December. It has already been to Durban and Johannesburg. 

      Two more trade tastings this week, and both on the same day. The first was Neil Ellis Wines, which was held at The Stack in Gardens and was very well attended. There were lots of wines to sample including some older vintages, for which we are very grateful, as tasting older vintages is very important in judging how a farm's wines mature

      On to our second Trade tasting of the day, to taste the wines that Raath Promotions represents. The tasting was held at one of our favourite local restaurants, La Mouette, which is in Sea Point, next to Checkers. It was a very busy and lively tasting, with the diverse wines on offer 
      Another media invitation this week to taste a winter special in the V&A Waterfront, this time at Gibson’s. Since we were last there, they have moved downstairs to a waterfront position, with lots of space and roll-out roof covering in case of inclement weather


      Lynne found this recipe in her old tried and true recipe box and she hasn’t made it for years. It originates from Josceline Dimbleby, who travelled extensively. No clue as to where it comes from, but the rather Moorish or Middle Eastern flavours of this dish speak to North Africa – where they don’t use much pork or bacon! It is surprisingly spicy, we think from the fresh black pepper. It is almost a potjie and certainly doesn’t require much preparation. Marvellous flavours, so we know you will love it. Serve with fresh green vegetables like beans and broccoli or a large mixed salad, perhaps with shaved fennel and orange. We had this with a Paul Cluver 2015 Ferricrete Gewürztraminer which went perfectly with the spice. Beer would also go well….

      Tasted at the Raath Promotions trade show this week, this wine impressed us. After we tasted it, we discovered that it was the wine that everyone was talking about at the tasting. It was made by Sebastian Beaumont and is an unusual blend of old vine Chenin blanc, Sauvignon blanc, Semillon, Chardonnay and Colombar, all grown on the farm. It is heady with the aromas….

      There will be several great wine tasting events in the next weeks. Scroll down to check 

      Dates for Your Diary for details of Caroline's, Nedbank CWG and Wine Concepts and other special events Click on the links below


       In MENU Next Edition

      Kyoto Garden Winter menu

      Breakfast at Coco Safar

      Caroline's Red Wine Review, Thursday 26th July

      Muratie Flavours of Winter Festival,Saturday 28 July 

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      2018 Nedbank CWG Tastings

      Cape Town - Thursday, 16 August

      Pretoria - Tuesday, 21 August

      Sandton - Wednesday, 22 August

      Beaumont Barrel Cellar Lunch 4th August, 11h30

      To Book, please email:

      Wine Concepts Grape Escape Wine Festival, Friday 17th August

      We keep talking about rain and the scarcity of water in our blessed, beautiful province. We are still in trouble. 

      It is not difficult to be careful; just be aware of what you do with water and look after this precious resource. Don't leave the shower running while you soap, use grey water to flush, don't run the dishwasher until it is full..... We're in crisis. Think about it! Your garden will, like ours, become a desert. Sad, but necessary and a minor sacrifice in comparison to queueing at a hose for your daily 25 litre allowance.

      So don't think that it's OK, It's raining. The dams are still, on average, not quite half full. We need to try harder. It is no use hoping that more rain will come. If it does, it will be a blessing, but the long term forecast still does not encourage optimism. Tapping into aquifers and installing desalination plants will help in the long term, but we must face up to the fact that water will always be a scarce, precious commodity. It 


      19th July 2018

      We want to use wine barrel staves as the covering of a pergola. If any of our wine maker readers have old barrels which have outlived their original purpose, we’d love to have them. Condition is not important. Please let us know

      We receive a lot of enquiries from people who want to learn more about wineCathy Marston and The Cape Wine Academy both run wine education courses, some very serious and others more geared to fun. You can see details of Cathy’s WSET and other courses here and here and the CWA courses here. Karen Glanfield has taken over the UnWined wine appreciation courses from Cathy. See the details here

      The Hurst Campusan accredited school for people who want to become professional chefs, has a variety of courses. See the details here

      In addition to his Sense of Taste Culinary Arts School, Chef Peter Ayub runs a four module course for keen home cooks at his Maitland complex. Details here

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