Main Ingredient

Finding that Main Ingredient

If  you are reading this, you probably love food, and find that sourcing products  in  South Africa can sometimes be a challenge. We dont yet have access to all the exciting ingredients and products that we all see in recipe books or on the food channel programmes. 

But things are changing. We set up Main Ingredient in 2002 to fulfill that need - to find the best and most unusual ingredients our customers were looking for and put them in one shop.

Sadly, the South African Post Office and its troubles have made sending products to customers too much of a nightmare, so we have decided, with great reluctance, to close our shop. We still have some stock, especially spices, so can supply from our home if you call us and enquire

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We sell salts, spices, preserves, vinegars, sauces, chocolate, luxury goods such as patés, duck fat, truffles: fresh to order, in jars, in oil; tins of duck confit, the best vanilla products and other real flavour extracts (we won’t sell fake essences or food colourings).In addition to some excellent South African products like Protea Hill Farm’s wonderful herb and fruit vinegars, we sell delicacies from Spain, Italy, France, England, the Mediterranean, Middle and Far East, even the Americas. We also have a huge network of food sources so we can often advise you where to find things that we don't sell. And Lynne is happy to give advice on how to use and cook ingredients.

Our customer base is food and wine lovers from all over South Africa and they come and visit us whenever they are in Cape Town. We can post small items to destinations all over Southern Africa and other countries as well. We have many loyal foreign customers, some of whom are ‘swallows’ who live here for a few months each year and they bring us new ideas as well as their custom. We don’t sell the same things as the supermarkets, but we do sell what they don’t, won’t or can’t sell. We could never compete with their prices, so we try to be different and innovative. We watch cooking and eating trends and try to anticipate them by finding the ingredients first – or getting someone local and talented to produce them.

Remember - if you can’t find something, we’ll do our best to get it for you, and, if you’re in Cape Town or elsewhere in the country, we can send it to you! Check our online shop for details and prices

60 Arthurs Rd Sea Point, Cape Town, Western Cape Phone +27 21 439 3169 or mobile +27 83 229 1172